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The WMA Model Card

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The magic card that makes your modelling life easier


The members of WMA benefit from special rates, which support them in practising their profession. The following privileges are currently being offered or are under negotiation:


If you are a professional or semi-professional model and a full member of the World Model Association, you will be given a WMA model card. You can use this card to get special discounts at numerous co-operation partners of our association. We are working hard to find additional partners throughout the world, who are interested in offering special discounts to our members.


Some of our members told us that they presented the WMA model card to companies, which are still not registered as co-operation partners of the WMA. They nevertheless got special discounts there, when models showed their card. A lot of discotheques, clubs, restaurants and also fashion and jewellery stores like to win members of WMA as their customer. So if you can legitimate yourself as a model of WMA, it may be possible that you will get special discounts.


If a company doesn't accept your card at some locations, please send us the data of the company (e-mail address of the company). We will get in touch with them.



Please observe! Some services may be different or may still not be available in several countries!



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