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World Model Association Co-operation partners


When you are listed as a co-operation partner, your can reach thousands of models and agencies with your services and products. Simply sign up as a co-operation partner on the WMA portal. The World Model Association is seaching for partners, in all countries and in many different industries.

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs and Discotheques
  • Airlines
  • Car rental companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks, credit card companies, financial institutions
  • Luxury goods manufacturer, dealer & distributor
  • Fashion labels, cosmetics, accessories
  • Fitness & Health, and other member institutions
  • Holiday / Health / Wellness parks
  • IT producers of such products as mobile phones, computers, printers, MP3 players etc.
  • Music products such as CDs, MP3 etc.
  • Media such as Journals, Pay-TV, Web-TV etc.

Simply register as a co-operation partner, to get in touch with WMA. You will be listed as a co-operation partner, after agreement has been reached about the conditions for WMA members. For international companies, it is also possible to make country-specific offers and agreements.

Here you can see some of the co-operation partners of the World Model Association.


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