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Selected personalities of the sector support WMA as consultants and ambassadors. We invite prominent models and former top-models, representatives of the media industry, prominent designers, editors of fashion magazines, representatives of the fashion, jewellery and cosmetic industry and educational institutions to join our board.

The WMA is an internationally accepted institution, which will provide access to the entire fashion and luxury goods sector, including related industries. WMA will also act as an educational institution for agencies and models, providing them with training and further education (Model Academy). The WMA represents the interests of professional and semi-professional models and professional modelling agencies worldwide. WMA develops and monitors professional ethics and international standards, providing models, agencies, scouts and photographers with support in commercialisation and networking, while representing their interests. WMA is not intended as a competitor to existing modelling or casting agencies. Instead, its objective is to improve co-operation between all actors in the industry while improving the image of modelling.

The founders of WMA:

Monty Shadow, Milano

Dr. Luigi Carlo De Micco, Monte Carlo

Amedeo Turello, Monte Carlo

If your are a professional in the fashion, style, photography, design, luxury goods, media or modeling business, please apply for a membership on the WMA advisory board.







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