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World Model Association Committees


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The committees are the working institutions of WMA. Only members, honorary members and consultants of WMA, who have been approved by the executive board, can become a member of a committee. Each committee will be represented by a Chairman.

The Chairmen and the Secretary will be appointed by the Executive Board for a period of one year. In the following years, the chairmen will be elected for one year by their respective committee through a secret vote. The Chairman convenes meetings of the committee, defines the topics for discussion, leads events and supervises votes. Only the Chairman and Secretary entitled to vote during committee sessions. The Secretary takes minutes of meeting and records the results of votes. All minutes of meeting must be recorded in the English language and submitted to the Executive Board. The Executive Board will deliver templates for this purpose.

The corresponding voting results will be submitted to the Executive Board of WMA for a final decision. It will consult with the Advisory Board on committee proposals and will publish joint resolutions in the WMA Booklet.

Each member has the right to suggest further committees. To establish a committee, a meeting must be held between at least 10 active committee members. The executive board reserves the right to make a decision concerning the establishment of new committees.

The WMA Booklet

The WMA Booklet is a summary of all rules and regulations that have been approved. This Booklet will be made available and distributed to WMA members and the industry. It will contain the industry guidelines of the association and will be permanently updated. The United Nations and the European Union will also receive a copy. Relevant Chambers of Commerce will also be informed about the current state of affairs. Furthermore, the Booklet will be handed over to international jurisdictions. In addition, partner all associations of the WMA will receive a copy.

Each member may introduce amendments and supplementary proposals. These have to be submitted to the executive board. After examination by the executive board, these proposals will be handed over to the relevant committees.







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